SUDEM Doner Kebab Production & Sales GmbH specializes in the production of high-quality doner kebab skewers. Our quality, service and products act as a guarantee for the development of doner kebab production in accordance with European standards. Each year, doner kebab sales are worth approximately 3.5 billion euros. In Germany alone, 650 million doner kebab are sold, and the trend is increasing. Our constantly growing doner kebab production and our meat preparation service are among the largest in Germany. In a production area of 2000 m², we have the capacity to process 15 tones of meat into doner kebab skewers each day. Our company is an approved organization and has the European Community number: DE BB-60024 EG. As a European Community approved organization, we are regularly controlled by meat and food inspectors.

Furthermore, we carry out our own daily controls, which are performed for us by an independently accredited company, under contract. Our product range includes all popular variations of doner kebab, and we are also able to produce customized variations of doner kebab according to your requirements. For us, it is naturally important that our doner kebab production is in strict compliance with the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) system. Therefore each variation of the doner kebab meat (veal, beef and poultry) is examined carefully. If there is any deviation in the quality of the delivered product, without exception the product acceptance will be refused. Each variation of doner kebab will be compiled with exquisite spices to give a distinctive taste to our unique delicious and high-valued meat.

This mixture of the spices is paired with high-valued meat and is prepared using the most modern technology available for the production of doner kebab skewers. Every single doner kebab skewer is subjected to the most stringent hygiene controls, which regulate each step of the production process. The doner kebab skewers, which are produced in accordance with these requirements, are then freeze-dried at a temperature of minus 45° Celsius and finally stored in a warehouse at a temperature of minus 25° Celsius. An unbroken cold chain guarantees the flawless quality of the doner kebab skewer. Only when all of the requirements are fulfilled, is the doner kebab skewer prepared for dispatch so that it can then be grilled and consumed by you.


Our mission is to build and maintain our relationships with our consumers, clients and staff. With this aim, we offer high-value, tasty, trustworthy and high-quality products together with excellent service. This is the only way we can guarantee the high satisfaction of our clients and consumers.


Our vision is to become a world-famous brand. Hence: the satisfaction of our clients and consumers is our primary goal! Progress and development are our fundamental principles! Our most valuable asset is our team, who believe in quality and service!


The invention of the doner kebab, which delights millions of people everyday!
Nurman originates from Anatolia and grew up in Istanbul. In 1960, aged 26, and as a trained businessman, he travelled to Stuttgart. In 1966 he went to West-Berlin and worked as a printing press technician. In 1972, Nurman is supposed to have sold the first doner kebab at the “Berlin Zoologischer Garten” railway station, in Berlin. At that time, the pitta bread simply held sliced veal and lamb meat, together with onion and a little bit of salad. He introduced the doner kebab wrapped in bread after hearing some comments about the change in eating habits of the inhabitants of Germany’s capital city. At that time, so-called “Fast Food” became fashionable.

In 2011, the Society of Turkish Doner Kebab Producers honoured Nurman for his life’s